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Towards unforgettable exposure on Rural India vs Development, SHOLI, Distt Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

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Background: India is a country full of opportunities because of its population, resources base, diversity and now the environment gradually becoming enabling. When we think about accelerating development process in our country, we get encountered with a number of questions, if & buts, problems & priorities. Keeping them all aside, lets have a gentle thought on “the ways how” irrespective of the situation & circumstances. Today we as nation are moving fast towards digitisation, skilling people and developing entrepreneurship. Isn’t it enough for taking next step for the citizens ? If yes, a number of ways will come up. One of such ways is activating the energies of the people in rural India through right facilitation. The migration of rural youth towards cities has not stopped whereas the villages have started creating basic facilities now. In order to bring quality in the lives of people in rural India, we need to adopt systematic approach of development especially to target the people’s development through meaningful livelihood options and infrastructure development through village planning process. It is now high time to intervene in both of these areas in a mission mode and IIRD is proud to take the Mission forward named as Mission RIEV (Ruralising India- Empowering Villages). Mission REIV envisages creating enough opportunities in the village and preventing migration towards cities besides attracting rural population in cities to move towards villages to explore livelihood options besides better quality of life

Introduction: The RURAL CONCLAVE will throw light on the holistic development of the villages in order to make them vibrant centre of economic growth.

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